Adverse effects of video gaming on kids

There have been several studies around the world inquiring into how video games affect kids. These days, there are several games that have different purposes. Some of the games are solely for relaxation and entertainment while others are targeted for their brain development and learning.  

However, not all video games are great for kids and some of them come with ill-effects.

Here are some adverse effects of video games on kids:

Social Disconnection

A child that spends too much time playing video games will be disconnected from the world. This is because they would spend the time all by themselves and they will be oblivious to what is ongoing around them.

With time, they will come to love the virtual world and they will prefer to spend time there instead of with people. It would be difficult for these kids to hold good conversations because they will easily feel out of place.

Exposure to bad/wrong values

As earlier mentioned, not all video games are great for kids. Some of them publicize some negative vices that some kids are forced to imbibe. If you see a child practicing a violent behavior, there is a big chance that they learnt it from video games.

One of the reasons why kids are easily swayed is because they are at a critical point of development. Hence, it is sometimes challenging for them to differentiate right from wrong.

Academic problems

A child who spends much time on video games will not value academics as they should. In fact, they will lose interest as time rolls by and they would not study nor pay attention in class like before. They will not necessarily pay attention to assignments and class projects because their attention is on video games.

Health problems

Playing too much video games means spending several hours in front of the screen. Their fingers and hands can be numb, their eyesight could be affected, and they could develop poor posture.

It is important for parents to pay good attention to their children to ensure they are not hooked on video games.